Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to make the switch from Cigarettes to Electronic Cigarettes

First off; Congratulations! Smoking is a real addiction, and so far the only people that seem to
understand this are other fellow smokers. If you're like me, nothing else has worked. And in most cases you don't even really want to quit smoking. It's too much of a process and too much work. I love smoking. I smoke when I'm happy, sad, bored, driving, after sex, after food, while drinking. I smoke a lot. And I enjoy it. That's why I need more than a patch or some gum to fix my bad habit.

What's cool about e cigarettes is that it feels like you're really smoking. And before you say you've "tried it", remember that the small ones that are in the shape of a cigarette DO NOT WORK. Tobacco companies love that they can sell these tiny things for $5 at the gas station, just so you try it and realize that hey, these things suck! Give me a real pack of smokes! Of course they suck! You just paid 5 dollars for one at the gas station! If you wan't an e cig that works, you need to spend the extra cash and do your research. Luckily, I've already done all the thinking for you.

Monthly amount spent smoking - $120

Monthly amount spent vaping  - $14

First step is this. Check out 

Check out the Ego-U series section

The photo to the right is what you will be getting. They have tons of other kinds ranging from $20-$45

If you're kind of weary about these, grab yourself the $20 set. It will work just as well, but the $45 set comes with a back-up battery and an extra clearomizer which you will need if you find out you enjoy vaping.


- You will need a new clearomizer ever month or so, so I suggest buying a few back up ones just incase you crack yours, or it malfunctions. They run about $7, so its not a huge loss. you can find them here. Make sure you get ones that are compatible with the Ego-U series.

- If you smoke half a pack a day, you will need 2-3 bottles of nicotine a month. They all run $5 a bottle on Best.Website.Ever.

- It is good to spend the extra 25 dollars and get an extra battery. This will save your life if it dies when you're on the go.

- If you click the button on the battery 5 times in a row, it will flash and turn off, so it is safe in your purse or wherever you keep it. Click it 5 times again to turn it back on. Your battery should last a good 24 hours if you don't forget to do this so it doesn't run accidentally while put away.

- If it ever feels "clogged" Clean out the area between the battery and the clearomizer with a q-tip.

- 14 drags is equivalent to one cigarette. Puff away!

- Start at 18mg's. Work your way down once a month, or every few months, depending on your preference. You don't have to dive into quitting too fast. Take your time so it works.

- Make it through the first week, and you will never want to touch another nasty cigarette again.


Have you had any cravings for a real cigarette when you're around people smoking real ones?

-No. In fact, the first cig I smelled a few days after switching, I was appauled by the scent. They gross me out now. I put it to the test the first night I got it with drinking... the first hour I was a little freaked out.. I did want a cigarette. But I just puffed my e cig and I forgot about wanting a real one after a bit. Now when I go to the bar I don't have to leave a group to go smoke.. I just smoke wherever and I don't crave "cigarette breaks"!
Do you think you'll become addicted to the ecig?

-Maybe. I am now... It's a hell of a lot better than smoking tobacco though. I can breathe better, and I get awesome flavors! I just lowered my nicotine from 18 mg to 12 mg, and honestly.. i feel no difference.. So thats a good sign! It will always be nice to have even when I do go down to 0 nicotine. Social events where everyones smoking and you "stopped" has always been my biggest weakness.. Just one? No, it leads to a pack... Thats why it will be nice to be able to puff with friends and NOT become addicted again.. just doing it for the social aspect of it. Which is where we all started.
And lastly what flavors are a must have?

-I love tropical punch, red hots, and caramel cappuccino, orange dream, and Butter Scotch. Get some regular flavored "tobacco" kind as a back up.. because you wont ever use it lol.. the flavors make it fun! Just try them all!

What makes it different from a real cigarette?

It isn't tobacco. It is only nicotine. You are "smoking" water vapor, and getting your nicotine fix. Tobacco has a lot of gnarly crap in it. So no more worrying about heart disease, lung cancer, and all of the poisonous substances you inhale every day. You will get your sense of taste back, and breathe deeper. The point is to slowly ween yourself off of the nicotine. You can ALWAYS vape though, when when you quit. You can purchase 0 mg of nicotine when its all over, and save it for social events so, like it said earlier, you aren't tempted to relapse and start smoking cigarettes again.

Anymore questions, please feel free to comment and I will answer! Shoot me an email @ if you want to ask me something in private.

Enjoy vaping and PLEASE comment and let me know how you like it!