Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Resolutions/Things I will Probably Fail at.

The New years resolution thing is always a bust from rumors I've heard.. And I've never actually gone through with mine. This year Adrian and I decided to aim lower in hopes that we would have a harder time failing. Our first resolution was to Stop eating fast food. Easy. We never eat fast food. Second one is to only drink when something is going on. THIS ONE is going to suck. I drink a lot. Out of boredom, for celebrating, while watching TV, while cooking basically all the time unless I'm sleeping. But We are trying to tone it down. It is day two and I am bored as fuck. I wanna party. Partying is my thing. But instead, we have decided to do our usual day activities at night, to keep us occupied without liquor. So we went grocery shopping at Midnight last night. Which is actually genius. No lines, no people in my way. The store is mine. Why haven't I thought of this before? 

Last night included Dinner, Shopping, Documentaries (We're nerds like that) and Scissoring on the couch. Mainly because our couch is so small that we have no choice, but also, because I love scissoring Adrian. I love being with him. We've had almost 3 days together in a row which NEVER happens! The more time we spend together, the better we get along. It's kind of opposite of your relationship. We are fuckin soulmates, man. Happy tuesday or wednesday or whatever. I have no idea what day it is anymore.

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